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3:00-4:00Intermediate Tap
3:45-4:45Hip Hop 2/House Dance (Intermediate)
3:45-4:45Pre Pointe/Pointe
4:00-5:00Technique, Jumps and Turns 2
4:45-5:45Hip Hop Groove 1 (Beginner)
4:45-5:45Mini Ballet and Tap Combo A
5:00-6:00Technique, Jumps and Turns 3
5:45-6:45Ballet 2
5:45-6:45Jazz / Contemporary 5
6:00-6:45Dance Battle Improv
6:45-7:00Pro Ballet
6:45-7:45Hip Hop Team
6:45-7:45Musical Theatre 1
3:45-4:45Ballet 1 (Beginner/Beginner+)
3:45-4:45Technique, Jumps and Turns 4
3:45-4:45Mini Acro/Tumbling
4:45-5:45Junior Jazz 2
4:45-5:45Senior Team Choreography
4:45-5:45Mini Ballet and Tap Combo B
5:45-6:45Ballet 4
5:45-6:45Senior Team Choreography
5:45-6:45Lyrical/Contemporary 2
6:45-7:45Contemporary 4
6:45-7:45Ballet 3
6:45-7:45Technique and Tricks New Team (TBA)
3:30-5:00Ipswich Winthrop/ Doyon After-school Dance Program (ages 7-9 and 10-12+)
4:00-5:00Alpha Team Choreography
5:00-6:00Acro/Tumbling 1
5:00-6:00Libra Team Choreography
5:00-6:00Jazz 2
6:00-7:00Musical Theatre 1 and Newsies show rehearsal
6:00-7:00Delta Team Choreography
6:00-7:00Jazz 1
7:00-8:00Contemporary 3
7:00-8:00Newsies Show rehearsal
2:30-5:00Ipswich Winthrop/ Doyon After-school Dance Program ( ages 7-9 and 10-12+)
3:45-4:45Acro/Tumbling 3
4:45-5:45Acro Team Koppa
5:45-6:45Acro/Tumbling 2
5:00-6:00Mini/Junior Team Choreography
5:00-6:00Musical Theatre 2
6:45-7:45Jazz 3
6:00-7:00Technique, Jumps and Turns Mini/Juniors
6:00-7:00Jazz 4
7:00-8:00New Team (TBA) Choreography
7:00-8:00Junior Ballroom
3:30-4:30Voice Instruction
4:00-5:00Mini Ballet/Jazz Combo C
3:45-4:45Company Conditioning
4:30-5:30Voice Instruction
5:00-6:00Tap 1
9:00-9:45Twinkle Toes 1 (Creative Movement)
10:00-10:45Twinkle Toes 2 (Creative Movement)



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