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2:45-3:45Private Slot - Studio A
3:45-4:45Hip Hop 2 (Intermediate) 14 and under - Studio A
4:45-5:45Mini Gymnastics/Tumbling (Acro) Ages 4-7 - Studio A
5:45-6:45Jazz/Lyrical 1 Ages 6-8 - Studio A
6:45-7:45Conditioning and Turns Junior Studio A
3:00-4:00Private Slot - Studio B
4:00-5:00Sigma Team Choreograhy Sigma Team - Studio B
5:00-6:00Technique Jumps and Turns Epsilon/Sigma - Studio B
6:00-7:00Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary 4 Ages 15+ - Studio B
7:00-8:00Private Slot - Studio B
2:45-3:45Private Slot - Studio C
3:45-4:45Tap 2 Intermediate
4:45-5:45Hip Hop 1 (Beginner) - Studio C
5:45-6:45Pointe Class
6:45-7:45Adult Tap
6:45-7:45Pointe Class
2:45-3:45Private Slot - Studio A
3:45-4:45Jazz-Lyrical 3 - Studio A
4:45-5:45Mini Ballet/ Twinkle Toes Ballet - Studio A
5:45-6:45Musical Theatre Dance All ages - Studio A
6:45-7:45Pro Ballet - Studio A
2:45-3:45Private Slot - Studio B
3:45-4:45Twinkle Toes Jazz - Studio B
4:45-5:45Technique, Jumps, and Turns 1 Team Libra - Studio B
5:45-6:45Alpha Team Choreography Alpha Team - Studio B
6:45-7:45Junior Ballroom all ages- Studio B
2:45-3:45Private Slot - Studio C
3:45-4:45Private Slot - Studio C
4:45-5:45Mini Competition Team Choreography Ages 4-7 - Studio C
5:45-6:45Ballet 1 (Beginner) Ages 6-8 *Based on no experience and or age range - Studio C
6:45-7:45Private Slot - Studio C
2:00-3:00Private Slot - Studio A
3:00-4:00Hip Hop 3 ( Advanced ages 16 and up only) - Studio A
5:00-6:00Gymnastics/ Tumbling (Acro) 1 - Studio A
6:00-6:45All Boys Hip Hop/ Breakdance Fusion - Studio A
6:45-7:45Private Slot - Studio A
3:00-4:00Private Slot - Studio B
4:00-5:00Libra Team Choreography - Studio B
5:00-6:00Delta Team Choreography - Studio B
6:00-7:00Musical Theatre ( All ages / intermediate/ advanced)
Epsilon/Sigma or Ages 15+ - Studio B
7:00-8:00Technique Jumps and Turns : Alpha/ Delta/ Junior int- adv) - Studio B
2:45-3:45Private Slot - Studio C
3:45-4:45Private Slot - Studio C
4:45-5:45Private Slot - Studio C
5:45-6:45Private Slot - Studio C
3:00-4:00Acro 3
4:00-5:00Koppa Acro Team ( teen and Junior)+ - Studio A
5:00-6:00Acro 2
6:00-7:00Jazz Lyrical 2 - Studio A
7:00-8:00Ballet 3 ( Junior Int) - Studio A
3:30-4:30Private Slot - Studio B
4:30-5:30Epsilon Team Choreography - Studio B
5:30-6:30Conditioning and Turns Sigma/Epsilon (teen adv) - Studio B
6:30-7:30OMEGA TEAM Choregraphy - Studio B
2:45-3:45Private Slot - Studio C
3:45-4:45Small Group B - Studio C
4:45-5:45Ballet 2 ( junior /beginner+ int) - Studio C
5:45-6:45Ballet 4 ( Junior and Teen Adv) - Studio C
6:45-7:45Private Slot - Studio C
4:00-5:00Broadway Lights Teen ( Acting/ singing coaching Teen : over 13) - Studio A
5:00-6:00Broadway Lights Junior ( Acting / Singing coaching: Junior 12 and under) - Studio A
6:00-7:00Private Slot - Studio A
2:30-5:30Private Slot - Studio B
3:30-4:30Private Slot - Studio B
4:30-5:30Private Slot - Studio B
5:30-6:30Private Slot - Studio B
2:30-3:30Private Slot - Studio C
3:30-4:30Private Slot - Studio C
4:30-5:30Private Slot - Studio C
9:00-9:45Ballet 1 - Ages 3.9 - 6
10:00-10:45Tap 1 - Ages 3.9 - 6



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