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Competition Dance Program


Welcome to our Competition Dance & Acrobatics Program

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the Competition Dance and Acro Program at Mariana's Dancing School may be right for you!

Contact the studio today at (978) 948-2416 for more information, or register now.

At MDS, we offer 4 Commitment Levels of Competition Teams!

1. Twinkle Team (Twinkle Toes Ages)

2. Company Member Ages 7-12 Commitment Level

3. Company Member Ages 13-18 Tier 1 Commitment Level

4. Company Member Ages 13-18 Tier 2 Commitment Level

For more information on costs, required classes, and more click HERE


competition dance classesOur competitive Dance Program provides you with the opportunity to get ALL the benefits of practicing a sport at a Varsity level. How so?

Physically, dancers are exposed to rigorous and challenging training which includes conditioning, strengthening, flexibility, technique, ballet, dance tricks and of course choreography competition as well as acrobatics skills much needed today in the world of dance competition. We hold our training to the HIGHEST standards, and our studio has been competing since 2011 -- having won the highest honors, awards, and high scores within nationally-renowned competition organizations. Our choreography is fresh and current; We stay on top of new trends that the kids love, yet maintain the Classical training needed to support such and make it shine.

Mentally, competitive dancing fuels children to thrive. It promotes self-discipline, the ability to take feedback, to apply the feedback and greatly improve. It also promotes the ability to focus to achieve specific set goals, and feeds self-determination. All of these result in an unavoidable dramatic development of self-confidence, assertiveness, and assurance.

Socially, competition dance provides children of all ages with a group to belong to. While friends at school or even in sports may not be too accepting and supportive, your dance friends for sure will be! The camaraderie is off the charts, and the cooperation and common goals allow for strong friendships to be born and last for many years to come. Many of our competitors stay in their teams until high school graduation, and it is such and accomplishment and great feeling of belonging they all develop, that the studio is undoubtedly their second home, away from dangers of teenage misbehavior and unhealthy habits.

MDS Competitive Dance Program is a win-win for all of those involved! It's an experience neither you as a parent, or your child as a dancer, will ever forget, and will treasure forever.

College Consideration

We are confident in saying that this program will build leadership skills, respect, discipline and confidence, but it will result in a path to success! Colleges certainly are impressed by students who demonstrate this level of commitment, have an impressive list of awards/achievements and gain experiences to share. Every student participating in this program will receive various letters of recommendation to include in their application. Some parents may not be aware of the positive influence of a dance background in their child’s college applications. 

Most of our most committed dancers have gone on to attending top colleges like UCLA, University of Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Rodger Williams, the Berklee School of Music, and many more prestigious schools.


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