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Wedding & Ballroom Dance Program


Welcome to Our Adult and Wedding Dance Program!

Ballroom Dance

-   Are you looking for a fun, social and healthy activity?
-   Do you enjoy music and movement?
-   Have you danced before and would like to "get at it” again?
-   Do you watch "Dancing with the Stars" and wish you could do that?
-   Have you been told you have two left feet, but you still love to dance?
-   Are you looking for an original way to re-connect with your partner?
-   Are you single and would like to meet new people doing something fun?


If you answered YES to any of the above, or have interest in Ballroom Dancing, we have a variety of programs for you! Learn to Waltz, Salsa, Merengue, Foxtrot, Tango, Bachata, Swing, Cha-cha, Hustle and more!

ballroom dance classes in MAClass Options

Ask us about our Introductory Private lesson, at only $20!

We guarantee you will feel satisfied with the experience and will leave our studio after class feeling: A bit happier, a bit stronger, a bit more connected, and much more knowledgeable about dance styles and steps.


ballroom dance and wedding dance


Wedding Dance
-   Are you getting married?
-   Is your child or anyone in your family getting "hitched"?
-   Would you like to feel more comfortable on the dance floor before all eyes are on you?

Our Wedding Program offers a variety of options to tailor your dance needs for your special day and make it incredibly memorable, including:

Total Wedding Package 1
ballroom and wedding dance classes

- Bride and Groom's special First Dance
- Father and Daughter Dance
- Mother and Son Dance
- Wedding Party Entrance Dance
You'll receive a special rate when booking all of the above!
Discount applicable towards package: 25% OFF

Total Wedding Package 2
- Bride and Groom's special First Dance
- Father and Daughter Dance
- Mother and Son Dance
Please inquire for rates, based on amount of classes.
Discount applicable towards package: 20% OFF

Non-Package Rates
- Bride and Groom dance:  $75 per hour
- Mother and Son -or- Father and Daughter dance:  $75 per hour
- Wedding Party Entrance dance:  $100 per hour