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Recreational Dance Program | Competitive Dance Program I List of Special Chorepography and Dance Instruction Services

Recreational Dance Program

Twinkle Toes

For children ages 2.9 and 5 years old : A unique program for our youngest students. Classes are designed to introduce these youngsters to the fun and spirit of the art. Students are introduced to the basic elements of Jazz,Ballet and Tumbling, utilizing playtime and imagery. Pretend play and vivid imagination are main components to this class and vital to this age group. The class will use different props and toys to experiment with space exploration and richness of movement and joy through music and play. Do you have a little one who smiles and bounces around each time they hear music? yes! then it's time to bring her to Twinkle Toes Class! These classes aid with coordination, the development of fine motor skills, musical awareness and listening skills. A variety of activities introduce the young dancer to the magical world of music and movement. Choose your favorite! or combine them and get a discount while giving your toddler more fun!

*Twinkle Toes Jazz

*Twinkle Toes Ballet

NEW!    * Gymnastics/ tumbling Mini (Twinkle Toes Tumbling)

Jazz / Lyrical 1

A class designed for students who are between 6 and 8 years old, or for a young beginner dancer with no to little experience.
This class offers a great base for Dance Education as it explores the styles of Jazz and Lyrical Dance, introducing segments of choreography and dance vocabulary in addition to encouraging self expression and freedom of movement, flexibility, coordination, strength, artistry and stage presence are main components of this class while learning the two most popular styles of Dance for children: Jazz and Lyrical. Exploring emotional expression and storytelling through the art of dance.

Jazz - Lyrical 2

A fun, fast paced moving class for students ages 9-12 years old, or students with basic dance experience, or who wish to learn the basics. Jazz and lyrical technique, flexibility, coordination, combinations across the floor, stylized routines. A fast and fun paced class for everyone! Exploring emotional expression and storytelling through the art of dance.

Jazz - Lyrical-Contemporary 3

 For students 12-14 years old, or students with 2+ years experience. Jazz . Contemporary and Lyrical dance techniques and combinations, flexibility and coordination challenges, stylized routines , fast pace and creative style. Emotional expression, story telling and creativity are vital elements of this class.

Jazz - Lyrical-Contemporary 4

 For students 15 + . An intermediate to advanced fast paced class with Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary techniques and Choreography, emphasizing connections and stylized movement. Emotional expression, story telling and creativity are vital elements of this class.



Ballet Classes ( Levels 1-4 and Pro Ballet)

Offered in different levels according to prior experience, Ballet classes offer everything a dancer needs to achieve great technique, posture and grace.

Children begin to learn the exercises necessary for mastering the placement of the body, the legs, the arms, and the head. They work in class on the development of skills and the coordination of steps. The classes become increasingly complex as students advance through systematic development. As their training progresses emphasis is placed on developing strength, stability, and grace.


Acrobatics/Tumbling Classes (Levels 1-3)

Offered in different levels depending on prior experience. A wonderful assistance to the physical body. In addition to being fun, students improve flexibility, coordination and strength. Acrobatics enhances the development of gross motor skills and as students begin to excel at mastering tricks, self confidence is achieved.

 NEW!    All Boys Class:  (Boys all ages)

A class designed for boys, based on Hip Hop Style and basis of Breakdancing. The class will introduce boys to the technique used in Hip Hop, basic isolations, pops and locks, as wel las other challenging steps, and it also includes the element of Breakdancing which accounts for acrobatic build up skills. A fun, fast paced class for the boy dancing at home who cannot stay still when music comes on!

Tap Classes

Offered in different levels depending on prior experience. The study of rhythm and precision. Tap is an exciting art and an excellent foundation in dance education. In addition to learning the dance steps basic to most tap instruction, we encourage a full body approach which encompasses all forms of dance as a means of enhancing the overall technique.

Musical Theatre ( Levels 1 and 2)

Who doesn't love Broadway?! This class gives the student a chance to learn Broadway based dance styles, using real Musical Theatre pieces, allowing dancers to explore parts of acting while dancing and story telling using emotional expression and role playing. This class will explore the fun of drama, music, dance, theatre games and improvisation.

Hip Hop Classes (Levels 1-3)

Offered in different levels (1-3) depending on student's age and prior experience. Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. A super-fun, fast paced class for those wanting to learn the latest trends. Hip Hop derived from Street Jazz and has become a prevalent style within all Dance styles , that students love to perform given its versatility, fast rhythms, modern style and less rigorous technique.

          NEW! Junior Ballroom: (Ages under 18)

               This exciting new class will teach students the elements of partnering, and first level of techniques for different styles like Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Jive, Tango, Merengue and more. Ballroom amongst young studnets is beocming HUGELY popular. It allows kids of all ages to interact with each other on the basis of cooperation and respect, as well as consideration for others, since they are sharing space and steps. It is a versatile class where studnets will be exposed to a rich variety of rhythms and dancing, making it fun, exciting an dalways changing, while keeping technicality and form intact. Your kids are sure to have fun with this new addition to our program!

    NEW!  Broadway Lights Program:


While private voice lessons and private acting coaching are pricey, this class offers you the opportunity of taking both at a much affordable rate , with the highest quality instruction for your child. These newly added classes will include the THREE inportant elements for those with great interest in Musical Theatre, Acting, Singing and Dance complement  in one exciting package. Versatility in these fields makes a difference when auditioning for any show in any scale whether is a School Show, Community Theatre Show or Pre/ Professional Show. Let your natural born perfomer have a shot at this class which will enrich his/her talents and allow them to shine on stage!


       Adult Classes:  Ballroom(Latin,Tango, Salsa, Merengue, ChaCha, Waltz, Foxtrot)

This ONGOING  class is for Adult Beginners who are interested in the different styles of Ballroom. The class will expose you to varied rhythms, each eith their own style and technique, footwork and cadencies. A great class to stay active, challenge your memory ( yes! remembering new dance steps is exercise for your brain!) , socialize and learn how to look great on a dance floor ( even if the dance floor is your living room floor!) Weddings, social events, cruises, office parties.. you will look great and have confidence to get up there and enjoy the music! (instead of sitting at the adult's table, wishing you were younger to join in the fun!)  We will also have some special ADULT NIGHTS to have fun, relax and share what we learn ( optional, of course!


Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet , (Jazz/Comtemporary, Musical Theatre also available upon request)

            Private and semi private classes for adults are taught on request. Adults have busy schedules which change often, making it harder to commit fully to a consitent schedule Private , semi private and group classes are available for all adults from beginner to intermediate and intermediate/advanced. If you are interested in taking an adult class in any of the styles mentioned above, please email us directly with your request at: marianasdancing@aol.com. We can offer you different packages which can make sense for your needs and schedule.


Competitive Dance Program

Note: Participation on the Teams is via open Auditions, private auditions or Personal Invitation.


Competitive Dancer's Required Classes
All competitive dancers are required to take a minimum of 5 classes a week, these being:

Competition Choreography
This class is teaches the official choreography that will be performed at each competition and scored by judges. This choreography is chosen  based on the team's strengths and it is renewed or perfected as the year goes on and dancers become more accomplished in their skills. It is a highly technical class, where precision, good technique, acting elements, overall skill and performance talents get showcased not only in each Recital, but also in each competition and Showcase.

Dance Tricks  and Technique Class
This class is designed to improve flexibility, stamina , strength and technique level of the hardest tricks in Dance. Multiple turns, high jumps, and many other special skills needed for today's competition world requirements are provided in a progressive manner to all students for best results.

Ballet Class
All students who wish to compete are required to take a Ballet class which fits their level and skill ability. Ballet is absolutely vital to learn proper technique and posture to achieve an excellent performance. Ballet class adds gracefulness, connectivity and precision to all dance skills.

Recreational  Class
We like to offer a variety of skills and styles, and Recreational classes are fun and fast paced, keeping the dancer versatile and motivated. The available Recreational classes to be included in the Competition Package are: Jazz/ Lyrical?Contemporary, Musical Theatre, or Ballet. (Excluded from the package, and to be purchased separate are:  Hip Hop, Acro Tumbling, Tap and Ballet,  which are specialities and while all dance is related, we are training our competitors within the most valued standard styles in the Regional and National Competitive Arena.)

Conditioning and Turns Class

As years go by, we perfect our Competitive program to include all the skills our studnets need to excel. Regular conditioning becomes a must, as Dance as a COMPETITIVE SPORT is very demanding, and requires dancers to stay fit, strong and flexible. Turns practice will be part of this class , as turning is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of dancing. Providing instruction on stability, balance, alignment and proper execution allows our dancers to master turns they could not achieve otherwise.

Turning enriches greatly the skill level of any dancer, and are highly regarded and considered at any  dance competition or performance. In addition, for those wanting to pursue Dane in the College years, having this special class will allow them to achieve at a much closer range the objectives and goals required by Colleges for their respective Dance Teams programs.  As for the younger students, mastering turning is exciting and makes any dancer feel and incredible sense of accomplishment . Recreational students who are ambitious and curious , wanting to expand and enrich their dance skills are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend!


Our newest addition to the program, it is offered for students ages 4-7 who wouldlike to take a first try at dancing as a Competitive Sport, and "dip their toes" into the dance Competition Arena. The requirements for Mini Competition Team are not the same as the older students, considerin their young age.  Mini competitive Team will be required to take:

                                                             1- Mini Competitive Team Choreography

                                                              2- Jazz Lyrical 1

                                                              3- Mini Gymnastics/ Tumbling Class

                                                              4- Ballet 1 or Twinkle Toes Ballet class


We strongly recommend adding classes beyond the minimum required for any competitive dancer to achieve the highest level of performance possible, to reach far and beyond, and realize their great potential and talent.

Experience has shown us that, not surprisingly, students training the most amount of hours, become the most accomplished.


* ADULT BALLROOM NIGHTS!: Stay tuned for Summer Classes! For Adults ONLY.  Ballroom's most popular styles, Foxtrot, Salsa, tango, Merengue.. no experience needed! Come with or without partner, bring your favorite drink and we will provide light appetizers. Relax, have fun and move to great music while learning some new steps!

$15 per person


Email Mariana: marianasdancing@aol.com


                                            LIST OF SPECIAL SERVICES/ CONTRACTS

      *Private Classes  in ALL dance styles are available upon request
       Email Mariana with your requests


*Country Clubs and Residence Groups Packages classes are available in all styles, including Ballroom: offer your members a fun experience to re-connect and stay active! Please email marianasdancing.com or call 978-380-0775


       * GETTING MARRIED?? Inquire about our specialized   DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY WEDDING PACKAGE ! From Bride and Groom and their special First dance as husband and wife, to mother and son, dad and daughter, Bridal Party special dance , entering church/ reception venue bridal party dance, and of course LGBT weddings with dances for all involved! Please email to inquire. Make your wedding a fun one that nobody will ever forget! Please email to inquire: marianasdancing@aol.com or call 978-380-0775


*CHOREOGRAPHY SERVICES AVAILABLE for special events: Musicals, School shows, Fashion Shows, Corporate events, Special Birthday parties with themes, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, High School reunions and more. Please email to inquire, marianasdancing@aol.com or call 978-380-0775



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