Mariana's Dancing Studio of Ipswich Massachusetts

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Tuition & Fees


Dance classes for kids in Ipswich

Tuition Information

Recreational, Twinkle Toes & Competetive Program Tuition:

Classes/WeekPer TrimesterPer Month
1 Class$228.00$76.00
2 Classes$385.00$129.00
3 Classes$498.00$168.00
4 Classes$610.00$206.00
5 Classes$683.00$230.00
6 Classes$735.00$248.00
7 Classes$798.00$269.00
8 Classes$835.00$281.00
9 Classes$878.00$296.00
10+ Unlimited$960.00$323.00


Afterschool Program Tuition:

1 Day Rates:Cost:
Wednesdays$113.00/Month -OR-
Thursdays$192.00/Month -OR-
Fridays$113.00/Month -OR-
2 Day Rates:Cost:
Wednesdays & Fridays$200.00/Month -OR-
Wednesdays & Thursdays$240.00/Month -OR-
Thursdays & Fridays$240.00/Month -OR-
3 Day Rate:Cost:
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday$310.00/Month -OR-


Pre-Professional Tuition:

All classes listed in the Pre-Professional page and any additional group classes a student may want to take/participate in.$467.00/Month* 


*Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Trimester Payment Plans available upon request.


Payment Options
Mariana's Dancing Studio offers two payment options:

  1. Pay per Month (via automatic withdrawal from your bank)
  2. Per per Trimester

Tuition Policies

Payment Address
If sending by mail, all payments and forms should be mailed to:

Mariana's Dancing Studio
P.O. Box 572
Ipswich, MA 01938

Recital & Holiday Show Fees/Policies

Withdrawals or Missed Classes
Class withdrawal requires a 30-day written notification.
Full payment is due regardless of illness, holidays, or inclement weather.
Students can make up missed classes by attending a similar class up to two (2) weeks after the absence.

The 2nd student in an immediate family is given a 5% discount on tuition. The 3rd student is given a 10% discount on tuition. The sibling discount is applicable to the student with the lowest tuition rate.

Private Lessons
Mariana's Dancing School does offer private lessons. Please contact us for information.


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