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Competition Information


Audition Information for 2021-2022

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About MDS Competition Dance
Competition Dance is a choice for students who are very passionate about dancing, who are very dedicated and disciplined and are willing to make great efforts to improve their skills in order to participate in Regional/National Competitions against other dancers in their age and category.

Opportunities Available:

- Twinkle Dance Team

- Junior, Teen & Senior Dance Teams

- Tumbling & Acrobatics Teams

- Tap Teams

- Specialty Teams

- Solos, Duos, Trios

Frequently Asked Questions
Please review our FAQs page for answers to our most popular questions regarding the dance team, including time commitment and cost.



Golden Ticket Regional Champions! (Based on score)
-  Here Comes The Rain Again
-  Not About Angels
-  Bailar

Best Choreography Award: Bruises
Best Choreo Award: Here Comes The Rain Again
Best Choreo & Entertainment Award: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Best Technique Award: Here Comes The Rain Again
Special Judges Award: Bruises
Special Judges Award - Heart Cry: “Elegant Lines”
Special Judges Award - Lovely: “Dancing On A Cloud”
Here Comes The Rain Again: Diamond, 1st Overall
So Far: Platinum, 1st Overall, Platinum
Glacier: 1st Overall, Platinum
Not About Angels: 1st Overall, Platinum
A Letter From Him: 1st Overall, Platinum
I’ll Keep You Safe: 1st Overall, Platinum
Daughter: 1st Overall, Platinum
Never Enough: 1st Overall, Platinum
Bailar: 1st Overall, High Gold
Let Me Entertain You: 2nd Overall, Platinum
Bruises: 2nd Overall, Platinum
Heart Cry: 2nd Overall, Platinum
Secrets: 2nd Overall, High Gold
Ta Com Medo Do Mim: 2nd Overall, High Gold
R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: 3rd Overall, High Gold
Lovely: 3rd Overall, High Gold
Feeling Good: 4th Overall, High Gold
No Excuses: 4th Overall, High Gold
Work it Dance Challenge
Best Choreo Award: Here Comes The Rain Again
Special Judges Award - Here Comes The Rain Again: "Precision and Pictures"
Special Judges Award - So Far: "Truly Connected"
Special Judges Award - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: "Work It Girls"
Special Judes Award - Let Me Entertain You: "Star Potential"
Special Judges Award - Bruises: "Fantastic Focus"
Special Judges Award - A Letter From Him: "Committed Story Telling"

Here comes the Rain again
1st Overall, Work It Platinum, Highest score in group routines within Advanced Level

Heart Cry
1st Overall, Work it Platinum, Highest Junior Score, Highest scoring routine in Teen Category

So Far
1st Overall, Work it Platinum, Highest Score Senior Soloist

Glacier: 1st Overall in Advanced, Work It Platinum
Daughter: 1st Overall, Work It Platinum
Lovely: 1st Overall, High Platinum
Ta Com Medo Do Mim: 2nd Overall, Work it Platinum
Not About Angels: 2nd Overall, Work It Platinum
Bailar: 2nd Overall, Work It Platinum
No Excuses: 2nd Overall, High Platinum
Let Me Entertain You: 2nd Overall, High Platinum
A Letter From Him: 3rd Overall, Work It Platinum
Bruises: 3rd Overall, Work It Platinum
Secrets: 3rd Overall, Work It Platinum
I’ll Keep You Safe: 5th Overall, Work It Platinum
Never Enough: 7th Overall, High Platinum
R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Work It Platinum Award
Feeling Good: High Platinum Award


Competition Results 2017- 2018

MDS competed in World Class Talent, the Royal Dance Competition, and Power of Dance with great success for all involved! Congratulations MDS dancers!

Power of Dance: First Competition of the Season! March 16th. Our congratulations to all dancers and teachers involved!

Pretty good year (Senior small group, Epsilon)

Heaven I know (Senior small group, Sigma, Jenn Fink )

Dangerous (Teen small group, Alpha)

The Sea (Sofia Diskes solo)

Dance Like Yo Daddy (Libra team)

1st Place Overall, Blue Diamond The Sea (solo, Sofia Diskes)

1st Place Overall, Ruby Bathing Beauties (Mini Team)

1st Place Overall, Diamond Paper Thin (Junior team Libra)

1st Place Overall, Diamond Pretty good year (Senior group, Epsilon)

1st Place Overall, Diamond Heaven I know (Senior group, Sigma)

1st Place Overall Diamond Turning Page (solo, Bella Sciretto)

1st Place Overall, Diamond New York, New York (solo, Hannah Oettinger)

1st Place Overall, Ruby Don't You Worry (Duet, Leah Cass and Rachel Gallant)

2nd Place Overall, Diamond Echo Drum (Duet, Kali Rata and Leigha Akerley)

2nd Place Overall, Diamond Dance Like Yo Daddy (Junior Team Libra)

2nd Place Overall, Diamond Favorite Mistake (Senior Team Epsilon)

2nd place Overall, Diamond Waves (Alpha team, teen group)

2nd Place Overall, Ruby To Build a home (Delta team, tween group)

3rd Place Overall, Diamond The Windows (Sigma Team, senior group)

3rd Place Overall, Ruby Ghosts, (Cobra team, tween group)

3rd Place Overall, Diamond Dangerous Alpha team, teen group)

3rd place Overall, Ruby Here I come (Delta team, tween group)

4th place Overall, Diamond Freedom (Omega team senior group)

5th Place Overall, Diamond Easy (solo, Christina Cefalu)

6th Place Overall, Ruby I Will Wait (Duet, Gianna Salvati and Tasha Akerley)

7th Place Overall, Diamond: Go Off (Sigma Senior Team)

9th Place overall Diamond: Flickers (solo, Paula Schneiders)

9th Place Overall, Ruby: Ice Dance (Koppa Team, junior)

Ruby award winners
Letting Go (solo, Hannah Callahan)
Clocks (solo Ellary Fraley)
Dream (solo, Hannah Callahan)