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        Competition Information


2018-2019   competitive  Dance season

Optional events:


nuvo convention: february 2 , 2019 boston sheraton



-bts:  March 15th weekend, 2019. methuen ma

-nexstar dance challenge:  march 29 th weekend, lowell ma

-the royal dance competition:  april 26th weekend, 2019

* note:  a fourth competition may be added (tba) which will be optional .





2017- 2018



 RESULTS:Power of Dance: First Competition of the Season! March 16. Our CONGRATULATIONS! To all dancers and teachers involved!

HIGHEST SCORE OF ALL SENIOR GROUPS: Pretty good year ( Senior small group, Epsilon)

BEST CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD: Heaven I know ( Senior small group, Sigma, Jenn Fink )

BEST TECHNIQUE AWARD: Dangerous ( Teen small group, Alpha)

CONFIDENCE AWARD: The Sea ( Sofia Diskes solo)

STAGE PRESENCE AND SMILE AWARD: Dance Like Yo Daddy ( Libra team)


1st Place1st Place Overall, Blue Diamond: The Sea ( solo Sofia Diskes)

1 st Place Overall, Ruby: Bathing Beauties ( Mini Team)

1st Place Overall, Diamond: Paper Thin ( Junior team Libra)

1st Place Overall, Diamond: Pretty good year ( Senior group, Epsilon)

1st Place Overall, Diamond: Heaven I know ( Senior group, Sigma)

1st Place Overall Diamond: Turning Page ( solo , Bella Sciretto)

1st Place Overall, Diamond: New Dorp New York ( solo, Hannah Oettinger)

1st Place Overall, Ruby: Don't you worry ( duet Leah Cass - Rachel Gallant)

2nd Place Overall, Diamond: Echo Drum ( duet Kali Rataj- Leigha Akerley)

2nd Place Overall, Diamond: Dance Like Yo Daddy ( Junior Team Libra)

2nd Place Overall, Diamond: Favorite Mistake ( SeniorTeam Epsilon)

2nd place Overall , Diamond: Waves ( Aplha team, teen group)

2nd Place Overall, Ruby: To Build a home ( Delta team, tween group)

3rd Place Overall, Diamond: The Windows (Sigma Team, senior group)

3rd Place Overall, Ruby: Ghosts, ( Cobra team tween group)

3rd Place Overall, Diamond: Dangerous ( Alpha team, teen group)

3rd place Overall, Ruby: Here I come ( Delta team, tween group)

4th place Overall , Diamond: Freedom ( Omega team senior group)

5th Place Overall, Diamond: Easy ( solo Christina Cefalu)

6th Place Overall, Ruby: I will wait ( duet Gianna Salvati- Tasha Akerley)

7th Place Overall, Diamond:Go Off ( Sigma Senior Team)

9th Place overall Diamond: Flickers ( solo, Paula Schneiders)

9th Place Overall, Ruby: Ice Dance ( Koppa Team, junior)

 Letting Go ( solo, Hannah Callahan) Ruby award

Clocks ( solo Ellary Fraley) Ruby award

Dream ( solo, Hannah Callahan) Ruby award  

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Competition Dance is a choice for students who are very passionate about Dancing, who are very dedicated and disciplined and are willing to make great efforts to improve their skills in order to participate in Regional / National Competitions against other dancers in their age and category.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Team program:

How are Competition Dancers selected?
Competition dancers from Mariana's Dancing StudioCan anyone try out?
How many classes do Competition Team members need to take?
What are the costs involved?
Who determines and how is it determined which team a dancer joins?
My daughter/son wants to enter a competition solo. What is involved?
Can the dancer pick out the song for their solo/duet/trio?
When does Competition Season take place?
When do I get a Competition Schedule?
Do the dancers have special rehearsals?
How many Competitions do you enter?
My child wants to compete with a solo or a duet, but not with a team. Is that possible?
Do I need to be present at each competition?
What kind of commitment is expected of Competition Team members?
What are the benefits of being a Dance Competitor?


Dancer with award
Dancer with award
Dancer with award


How are Competition Dancers selected?

a) There are different ways to join:

  1. By audition: at the beginning of the year. In some cases, a competitor may be added after the year has started, as long as she/he meets the criteria.
  2. Personal invitation is another way that dancers may join Competition.
  3. A Pre- Competition class is held yearly during the Spring Session, open for anyone who wants to explore the opportunity of competing. The following Fall, those students are automatically invited to compete.

b) By Instructor invitation. Some dancers are unaware of their talent and skills. If a teacher notices that someone in a recreational class is particularly talented, that student may be approached and asked to consider competing.


Can anyone try out?

Yes, anyone can try out.


How many classes do Competition Team members need to take?

 **NEWLY  UPDATED! Competition Students need to take a minimum of five classes per week: 1) Ballet  ,2) Competition Choreography, 3) Technique,Jumps and Turns, 4) ONE Recreational Dance Class ( such as Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary or Musical Theatre) but excluding: , Acro or Pointe which are considered separate.  5) Conditioning class. Many competition students take more than the 5 minimum classes as they realize that to become a good competitor one needs lots of practice and experience.

*NEWLY UPDATED!: exception to this rule in the Mini Competition Team ( ages 5 -7)  these dancers are required to take classes per week. (1- Ballet, 2-Competition Choreography,3- technique , jumps and turns 4- Acro 1 and 5- a recreational class.

Many times competitors realize the importance of deep training and so they add on classes to the minimum required for optimal training and performance level.


What are the costs involved?

a) Competition training classes tuition.
b) Costumes: for competition we require every student to purchase a costume for each number they are in. These costumes are beautiful and tailored to your student's body. The cost varies anywhere from $100  - $150.
c) Competition Entry Fees: every competition charges a fee for each number a dancer is in. As a rule of thumb, the larger the group the less expensive the fee. This means solos are the most expensive entries. Group entry rates vary from between $45- $60 per student, Solo entries vary from between $100 - $120, Duets vary from between $60- $70. It all depends on the company.

Most dance teams do TWO routines per competition, plus a Production number (large group involving all students).


Who determines and how is it determined which team a dancer joins?

The instructors decide what team, level and category a dancer will compete in. There are different skill level categories and age categories, too.


My daughter/son wants to enter a competition solo. What is involved?

Private classes during the year, Instructor's approval, Solo entry fees and Solo costume purchase. Students performing solos or duets must be part of a Team as well.


Can the dancer pick out the song for their solo/duet/trio?

Dancers can certainly discuss their preferences with the Instructor and Director. They will guide the student with their expertise in the field and considering the student's desires to the best choice possible, to showcase the dancer in his/her best light. can of course SUGGEST song choices for their performance.


When does Competition Season take place?

Competition Season starts as early as the end of February and typically runs until May for Regional Competitions. We do our best to NOT compete during April  Vacation. National Competitions take place in the early Summer - end of June, beginning of July.


Competitive dancers dance team Ipswich, MA


When do I get a Competition Schedule?

Probably the most asked question!

You can find out the weekends that we will be competing as early as August, published on our website under "Important Dates". This will give you those weekends you would need to be available to compete.

The DETAILED Schedule (specific times and dates) is not available until much later. May times, one week or five days prior to the competition weekend. Sometimes dancers compete only on a Saturday. Sometimes on Sunday.. sometimes Friday night. And if your dancer is in a lot of teams and routines .. may be all three!

What is important is that you block that weekend off, and realize you need to allow space for competing, even when you will not find out until later what exact date and time your dancer will be on.

This may seem stressful, but we have been doing it now for 5 years, and it all works out in the end!


Do the dancers have special rehearsals?

Yes. Typically on the Thursday or Friday before Competition weekend all team members come for one special practice(just once before each Competition). Sometimes an extra rehearsal is needed and added before competition weekend, on a different time than the regular class time.


How many Competitions do you enter?

Anywhere between 3 and 5 competitions a year. The size of the Competition may vary. Some are very big, some are smaller. And yes, if you commit to compete you need to commit to all competitions we are participating in.

3 Competitions are the required ones for all Team members.

The other (1 or 2 depending on the year) are optional for duets and solos mostly.


My child wants to compete with a solo or a duet, but not with a team. Is that possible?

It is possible, however the rate for private training is higher due to the fact that the studnet would not be taking the same classes as teh competitive teams. Please consult with Director about solo entries independent from teams. Not every solo entry request will be granted, desicions  are based on a number of factors..


Do I need to be present at each competition?

No, even though it is wonderful for parents, friends and family to witness competitions, you do not need to be present, as long as you make driving arrangements and inform the Studio Director that your child will not come with an adult. Our Staff watches out for the competitors.


What kind of commitment is expected of Competition Team members?

All Competition Team Members need to commit to the following requirements:

1) Be enrolled for the full year, for all 3 sessions

2) Commit exclusively to Mariana's Dancing Studio.

3) Take a minimum of 5 classes, three of which are Ballet, Technique Jumps and Turns, Competition Choreography, Conditioning and Turns and one Recreational Class.

4) Be available for competition weekends.

5) Be available for rehearsal day the Thursday or Friday before competition if need be to run or do an extra practice.

6) If the Studio is doing a "Production Number" which is a big dance routine which involves ALL competitors, then the competitor has to be available for those practices.


What are the benefits of being a Dance Competitor?

So many!!

  • Your child will learn advanced skills, which will make them a very strong dancer. They will be exposed to the highest level of training in the program. For those looking at the future in Dance, having competed as a child is an excellent background for any dance related degree.
  • On a personal level, these are some (but not all) of the benefits of competing:
  • Making strong friendships, bonding, becoming close to others forming relationships which provide a sense of belonging.
  • Dancers who compete do not have time to get into trouble! They are too busy dancing!
  • Learning dedication, sportsmanship, leadership and Discipline.
  • Working together towards a common Goal.
  • Becoming a strong performer, therefore increasing self confidence, self assurance.
  • Becoming Physically fit and strong: our training results in dancers who are naturally flexible, healthy, strong and have good endurance.
  • There are many more benefits to competing. We encourage you to consult with the Studio Owner or Teacher if this is of your interest, and talk to dancers who are competing already! You will find out how exciting it is!