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Dance classes in Ipswich, MassachusettsGeneral note
For your dancers's safety and for other's please NO JEWLERY of any kind is allowed in any class.

Hair note
With the exception of Level (recreational) classes, STUDENTS' HAIR MUST BE IN A BUN. We have been a bit too lax on this, and we see the need to implement this rule as our students are gaining skills which require hair completely up. No exceptions. Students without a bun will be asked to watch class.

Shoe note
All students must bring the type of shoe appropriate for the class they are taking. NO SOCKS allowed. Barefoot allowed only for Acro and those classes in which instructor allows it. STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT WEARING THE APPROPRIATE KIND OF SHOES WILL BE ASKED TO WATCH CLASS.

*Jazz/Lyrical/ Contemporary  Classes:

1)  Capezio E series jazz shoe, Jazz Slippers, tan colored

2)   Bloch Eclipse, leather  half sole shoe with elastics in back, pink  color

3) Capezio soft stirrup light suntan tights.

Hair must be up in a bun.

*Tap Classes:  

1) Bloch Tap Flex Tan color shoes

2) Black cami style leotard

3) Capezio soft stirrup light suntan color tights.
Hair must be up in Bun or Ponytail

All Boys classes

1)Black jazz dance pants of choice 

2) Capezio E series Jazz shoe in Tan

 Ballet classes

1)Black tank style Leotard
2)Capezio Soft stirrup light suntan tights
3)Split sole Ballet shoes,  ballet pink, brand of choice
Hair in Bun

Acro Classes

1)Black tank style leotard
No tights
Sports Bra in black, plain

Musical Theatre Classes and Broadway Lights Classes

1)Black tank style leotard

2)Capezio soft stirrup light suntan tights

3) Capezio E series Jazz shoe in Tan.

Junior Ballroom Classes:

1)Black tank style leotard

2)Capezio soft stirrup light suntan tights

3)Character shoes: Tan color, side buckle shoe.

Hip Hop Classes

1) Black harem of loose hip hop pants of choice

2) Athletic shoes of choice ( Nike, Converse etc)

Twinkle Toes Jazz Classes: please refer to Jazz/ Lyrical Contemporary classe above

Twinkle Toes Ballet Classes: please refer to Ballet classes above

Competition/Pre- Competition Classes

Black tank style leotard
Light sun tan stirrup tights
Eclipse half sole shoes in flesh color
Ballet shoes, split sole, flesh/pink color
Knee pads
Competition Students are expected to wear full Studio uniform for every competition we attend. If there is another event of public attendance, students may be asked to wear uniform also.

Adult Classes

Informal, comfortable clothing
Barefoot, low heel or sports sneakers allowed

Recommended Stores
Full list of brands of each product attire are available at "On Your Toes" in Peabody. Mention the Studio's name to receive a discount on your order.

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