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Competition Tryout Dates & Times

Dance Competition Team Try-outsNew Info! Please Read!

Contact Director to set up audition appointement.

What do I have to do during try-outs?

You will be evaluated on a scale from 1 - 10 in the following areas:

1) Technique
2) Flexibility
3) Stage Presence
4) Versatility and ability to learn choreography
5) Special skills

(Dance tricks such as fouettes, a la seconde turns, multiple pirouettes Illusions, Calypso turns jumps, Double attitude, Russian Jumps, any gymnastics: back bends, cartwheels. walkovers... etc, etc) Special skills are a PLUS, but not mandatory. They will add positively to your final result.)

There ARE certain skills needed for each age group/level which will be discussed with the students depending upon the level in which they will be competing.


Dance Competition Teams Try-outs DayIMPORTANT NOTE:

Try-outs are just an information guide for staff. We encourage anyone who is passionate about dancing to come and give it a shot!

In competition there are different levels in which entries can be made: beginner, intermediate and advanced. So, there is room for students with different skill levels, including new competitors.

So come and join us for a fun day in which you get to show us what you've got!


Only new, aspiring competitors and prior competitors wanting to add or change teams should audition.


Please make sure you are warmed up before you come!